As previously reported, Corey Taylor said in a new interview with that the bandwill take a “couple of years off” after completing the tour cycle for its current album, “.5: The Gray Chapter”. Taylor explained, “We’re gonna finish touring and then we’re gonna take a couple of years off again to let everything chill. I’m gonna go do my thing, [and] everybody else’s gonna go do their thing… then, in a couple of years, we’ll get back together and see what happens again.”

Taylor’s “thing” is STONE SOUR, which has two more covers EPs in the works following this spring’s “Meanwhile In Burbank… Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio that his attention next year will turn toward an all-new STONE SOUR set. “2016, I’ll probably wrap up touring with SLIPKNOT, you know, around — like somewhere around this summer or whatever, and I’ll take five minutes off and we’ll start working on a new STONE SOUR album,” he said.