Estranged BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward has accused his bandmates of “selfishness, self-centeredness, dishonesty and disloyalty” in connection with his absence from the group’s farewell tour.
SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne recently gave an interview with Rolling Stone in which he said he hadn’t completely given up on the chance of Ward returning for the band’s final show in Birmingham, England next February.
The pair became embroiled in a war of words following Ward’s departure from SABBATH’s reunion in 2012, and he later accused the vocalist of having created an “impassable dilemma.”
Ozzy told Rolling Stone: “I’m sad that Bill never came through. Every time I reach out to Bill, I get yelled at for something.”
Asked whether Ward will make an appearance in Birmingham, Ozzy said: “I don’t know. If something can be worked out, great. Tommy [Clufetos, SABBATH’s current touring drummer] is doing a great job.”
In a new post on his Facebook page, Ward responded to Osbourne’s comments, writing: “Ozzy has never reached out since January 26-27, 2012 when he called to see when I would be arriving in the U.K. to join rehearsals for the ’13’ CD. Since that last phone call, he has never reached out to me, and I have not reached out to him.
“Ozzy needs to look to those who stopped me from coming through. The contract was impossible to sign; the group rhetoric of 2012, 2013 and throughout, was fault-finding, condemning and full of dishonest evaluations of me as a person, including my so-called health issues. Had I signed the contract, I suspect I wouldn’t have been labeled as having poor health or having all the other judgmental character references.