War Within/Hyperfuel @ Crow Club


It’s Saturday night at the Crow Club with War Within presenting their debut album live supported by Hyperfuel.

WarWithin 8
This was the first time I was watching Hyperfuel live, but not the guys who are in the band, as except from singer/guitarist Tassos Lazaris I’ve seen the other three several times playing with DangerAngel, Silver R.I.S.C. etc.. What you listen on the album, it’s not released in a physical format yet, is what you get with these lot. A band full of positive energy where every member give everything he has on stage like it’s their last day on Earth. The have their way to move around the stage and their attitude that gives them the air of a great band made to play live and entertain, even if you are not familiar with their material. If you know the songs that’s even better!

Hyperfuel 18

War Within presented their first album, played covers and jammed with other musicians in front of friends and fans in a very beautiful and warm atmosphere. Their friends responded to the call and applauded them. This was the first time I was checking this band out and I can say that what I’ve listened to was interesting. They play something that sounds like thrash combined with US metal with clean vocals, which in my opinion don’t fit in some songs. They were pretty still on stage, except from the lead singer who was also chatty between the songs. Of course, it’s not easy to judge an album that you listen to for one time and it’s even harder if that happens in a live environment. You keep some stuff you liked, but in order to make a substantial judgement and have an opinion you must listen to the actual album start to finish.

WarWithin 6
Both bands left us with very positive impressions. Hyperfuel have found the way and they are great on stage making us expect more from them while we eagerly await for their CD, vinyl… whatever! Good luck to the guys from War Within for their debut album and many more to come. We will get back to them when we listen to the album.

Yiannis Dolas

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