After the long awaited, average “Live In Athens 2013” DVD (you can read our review here) and a number of re-releases, such as: box-set (of their back catalogue) and (yet again) individual re-releases in Digipack format, we now have the “The Hunt For Damien”. “The Hunt For Damien” is a compilation disc, that consists of 9 songs re-recorded but it features Nicholas Leptos on vocals. The disc contains of songs from every Album/EP that Warlord has released to date (by chronological order that each Album/EP was released).

All 9 songs are re-recorded again in the studio and Nicholas has done a fantastic job with the songs, by hitting higher notes than the original recordings. You can identify that at: “Winter Tears”, the “Child Of The Damned” scream and “Night Of The Fury”. Also additional vocal harmonics have been added, by providing a nicer addition to the songs. Overall throughout the songs you can hear additional guitar melodies, great bass lines and fantastic keyboards over the “Rising” songs. Nicholas has done a great job, no questions there. The production of the album is rather “muddy” and not extremely clear.  

This compilation is aimed again… to the die-hard Warlord fans. It doesn’t provide anything extra. To me this completion disc would have been better IF it had 2 bonus tracks. The First bonus track could have been a re-recording of “The Rainbow”, a great song that every Warlord fan would love to have a new version. The Second bonus track could have been a new song from the upcoming studio album. This way we could have had a taste of things that will come and not again having the same old songs again and again and again! We want new songs please!