SANCTUARY and NEVERMORE singer Warrel Dane was recently interviewed by Metal Wani’s Carla Morton.

Here’s an excerpt of a question regarding the possibility of replacing Jeff Loomis in NEVERMORE:

Warrel: “I have mixed feelings about that. I don’t think Jeff has the time to do another NEVERMORE record. I would do it. Replacing him… I’m not so sure you can do that. I could try and see what happens. There have been legendary guitar players that have been replaced. SAVATAGE is a good example, but Criss Oliva died and he was replaced and SAVATAGE went on to do brilliant records, even with a different singer. That’s something that I would approach with a lot of trepidation. I don’t know if it would work, but never say never. Maybe there will be another NEVERMORE record without Jeff, maybe there will be one with him. That’s not my priority right now. My priority for the moment is my next solo record and then moving on to the next SANCTUARY record. I’ve got my time worked out for me.