Warrior Path – Warrior Path


I am extremely satisfied when I receive such remarkable albums like this one by Warrior Path; especially considering that this is their first recording effort with all the difficulties that naturally come along with it. Quite honestly, I must say that Warrior Pat not only impressed me in the highest degree but they also left me under the impression that they came here to stay…and I sincerely hope that they will make it to the end. But let’s check out more details about Warrior Path and their debut album…

For starters, this is the brainchild of guitarist Andreas Sinanoglou who brought along for the ride a couple of well-respected musicians: Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast in Black) on vocals and Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud) on bass and keyboards. The band also includes drummer Dave Rundle who is doing a stellar job behind his kit. And just in case the name or the cover sleeve didn’t give you any hint regarding Warrior Path’s style of music, let us tell you that this is a pure Epic/Power outfit firmly based in the 80s sound. The 10 songs of the album display a heroic sonic landscape and a crystal clear epic feeling due to the sheer fact that Sinanoglou has composed the tracks in such a way that take you along for the ride. Almost all of them start in an acoustic manner and then unfold in total grandiose and majestic style! Just imagine a crossroad between Warlord and Manilla Road with the additional lyricism of Crimson Glory and classic Helloween. And all these enriched with an analogue production which appropriately reminds the 80s heydays!

Needless to say that the band has done a tremendous job in the studio and Andreas Sinanoglou has won the bet of delivering the goods with songs that has every potential of standing the test of time. As I said…Warrior Path is here to stay and their mission is to take you along for the ride.

Highlight: The cover artwork was done by Dimitar Nikolov.