Warrior Soul – Back On The Lash


The success that Warrior Soul achieved in the early 1990s is well known. Two great records for starters (“Last decade deal century”, “Drugs god and the new republic”), but Kory Clarke failed to maintain quality and the band’s line up.

After many years of interruption and along with the vocal duties he had undertaken for the doomsters Trouble, Clarke reactivated the name Warrior Soul. Their success was due to the irresistible combination of hard rock, metal, and punk with political/social lyrics (“Donald Trump is just a money whore”- “The Wasteland”) and they could have become enormous. History, of course, is not only written by the mighty ones and the name Warrior Soul still stands strong and Clarke is a great rock performer.

Also, well known is the fact that his voice has been burned over the years, so he sounds like Brian Johnson with pharyngitis. The tone and the style are distinguishable, in nine AC / DC / like compositions, with lots of punk attitude but of moderate production.

The album does not sound bad at all, it has its moments and it is important that such a guy has the appetite to write music and does not rest in the grandeur of the past. After all, I think he doesn’t give a shit for my review or any review, and he is eager to come out and play loud! And so it shall be.