There were two big controversies on this night. The two bands appeared about a month ago, in December, at different venues and on different dates of course. Being objective, based on reports and individual accounts of people who attended the two events, both appearances were described as exceptional. What happened this time can only be labeled as an experiment… an incredibly failed one.

People do not tend to see the same band within such short space of time and the live reports did not appear to influence them. Nevertheless, the Greeks are strange species, they don’t want to pay to go to a gig and the economical crisis is not the excuse. I am fully aware of the fact that in Greece there is great movement of euro and dollars for the sake of a rare vinyl or other collector’s items. The huge burden that the Greek music lover faces right now is the ‘punishment’ of the capital controls and there is great anticipation for its elimination so that they can start actively start browsing and hysterically purchasing in the well-known e-stores once again.

At around 20.30’ a very distinctive trio feels like dragging me… from the ears. An acoustic guitar, an acoustic bass and a very humble drum kit with a bass drum, a snare and a hi-hat triggers my curiosity. I have never heard anything like that. Throughout the 45 minute session on stage I was drawn to come to the expression Irish Trash Country as far as the genre of their music is concerned. Xenofon Razis and the Punkacoustic Street Band with rather accelerating rhythm were very well taken by the audience who started gathering at Death Disco in the middle of their performance. What I listened to and what I saw were breathtaking. I dare say that the three musicians delivered some excellent performing  (a magic word indeed!)  lessons.


With the incredible music memories of the Barb Wire Dolls’ performance still fresh in my head the previous month, I just could not wait to see them again. The band justified my attendance once again with another extraordinary performance. The energy and passion of these guys on stage is something unheard of. Isis becomes one with the audience and manages to shake them up every single time. She is sending the messages which she and her ‘gang’ have put into action and people receives them (at least until the end of the live) and the club is ‘on fire’! At the sound of “Revolution” and “Make Riot Not War” a pandemonium is created. Barb Wire Dolls’ 50 minute appearance is equally exceptional as the first one.

Setlist: Heart Attack, Darby Crash, Desperate, Surreal, Blind To Your Misery, Take Me Home, Drown, Contract, Back In The U.S.S.A., Rub In My Mind,  I Will Sail, Devil’s Full Moon, Your Escape, Revolution, Make Riot Not War (We Are Champions).


Kory Clarke is a true rock star despite the fact that he is only playing in front of one hundred people. He arrived at the club in the back seat of a luxurious Mercedes, escorted by his manager, dressed in his stage clothes and demonstrating a temperament that only a rock star knows how to. No, it was not just the effect. On stage and for 100 minutes Kory Clarke performed like a rock star. He had unimaginable energy and a unique communication with the people who forced him, in a manner of speaking, to turn the small club into a huge mosh pit.


Warrior Soul were enchanting. They started off with David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” and although he did not do me the favor to play “Love Destruction” and “Hero”, songs that really had a great impact on me on those golden days of MTV, “The Losers” (despite its mid-tempo) was the moment that I really felt the nostalgia which this band evoked in me. I would have left feeling thrilled if it wasn’t for the charismatic singer’s disrespect towards Pink Floyd for no apparent reason. I would not like to go into detail, whoever was there… heard, my only comment is that the person who will mock and offend Pink Floyd in such manner has not been born yet!

I prefer to keep the rest to myself and remember this night as a ultimate rock ‘n’ roll night!

Dimitris Kazantzis

Setlist: Moonage Daydream, The Wasteland, Rocket Engines, Shock ’em Down, Jump For Joy, Star Ride, Rock ‘n’ Roll Limo, The Party, Rotten Soul, The Drug, The Losers, Generation Graveyard, Let’s Get Wasted, Fuck The Pigs, Punk And Belligerent, Downtown