Drummer Tommy Clufetos published the first video from his new project, Tommy’s Rocktrip, for the song “Got To Play Some Rock’n’Roll”. The debut album is out on May 7th via Frontiers.

Clufetos said: “I wanted to make an album that I would enjoy listening to, while injecting some of the characteristics that I love about my favorite rock ‘n’ roll. Hopefully when you listen to it in your car, you realize you are driving way over the speed limit.”

Regarding “Got To Play Some Rock ‘N Roll”, Clufetos said: “The lyrics of this song are pretty obvious if you are in the game of music…. If you’re a spectator….not so much. Just as a great band once said, ‘It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll.’ This business is a bitch, BUT you ride through it all with a smile ’cause…you ‘Got To Play Some Rock ‘N Roll’!!!”