In a German language interview with, Noise Records founder Karl-Ulrich Walterbach retraces his steps in the business (teasing for an eventual history of Noise book). In addition to the missteps surround Celtic Frost’s Cold Lake, the other major fiasco of his otherwise storied tenure, was the financial wranglings with the Iron Maiden camp, surrounding upstarts Helloween, once the Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums became a success. Ultimate, the result was Kai Hansen’s departure (to start Gamma Ray).
All went mad and (they) were pop star crazy. Kai Hansen alone maintained contact with the ground.” In the aftermath, Walterbach lost much of his enthusiasm for the industry. “I lost all illusions about the music industry and barely had time to take care of creative interests and my bands. Actually, I spent most of the day looking after lawyers, court dates and financiers. Those two years of litigation cost me a lot of energy.” Hansen’s new outfit also ended up on Noise. “I found his exit understandable and correct. He simply could not cope with (Helloween founder/guitarist Michael) Weikath, who wanted to make pop-metal and be a superstar. He had simply become a megalomaniac. The endless quarrels about whose song should go on a Helloween record pretty much destroyed their relationship.