PRESS RELEASE: Hyperfuel, the newly formed band from  Athens have released their debutvalbum “Planet Panic” from Hyper Star Entertainment followed by the officialvmusic video of the song ‘’RestvIn Pieces’’.            
Hyperfuel     were formed in the    late 2018 by three members of the renowned greek band DangerAngel (Ethan Snow, Tony V, Rudy Rallis) and with the addition of singer/guitarist Tasos Lazarιs, they are ready to    release their    debut album titled    “Planet    Panic”. The band’s style moves  seamlessly between hard rock, alternative metal,vprogressive metal and post-grunge with a hard, and at the same time melodic sound.            

‘Rest In Pieces’ [Official Music Video]            


‘Won’t    Back    Down’    [Official Lyric    Video]