What’s Dino Jelusick’s role in Whitesnake


In a recent interview on More Than Words Dino Jelusick, Whitesnake’s newest member, whose recruitment caused reactions, surprise and puzzled the fans, talked about his role in the band.

“Well, David mentioned that he would love to fly me to his house and that he would love for me and him to write some songs for Whitesnake. I’ll be playing keyboards. I’ll be doing backing vocals. I’ll be playing guitars on a couple of songs,” he explained. “And that’s as far as I know.”

When the question dropped whether it’s sad to know that this will be probably Whitesnake farewell tour, he said: “Well, no. Every band has an expire date. Whitesnake has been going for 40, 50 years now. More than 40 years — since ’78 or ’77, when the first album came out. But I’m proud to be the last Whitesnake member ever. When you see the guys that played in this band. You had Jon Lord. You had Don Airey on keyboards. You had Timothy Drury, Michele Luppi and myself. It’s five keyboardists of Whitesnake. There were a couple of more playing live — yeah, Paul Mirkovich was in 1994, playing that leg. Yeah, there were a couple of more. But, yeah, it’s definitely a beautiful part of history in the making.”