Which 5 Deep Purple albums have sold the most?


Metalcastle.com released an article about the worldwide five top selling albums of Deep Purple.

So far the band has released 22 albums which sold more than 110 million copies.

So, which are the 5 top-selling albums (figures in millions)?

  1. Machine Head – 36,7
  2. In Rock – 13,2
  3. Burn – 8,2
  4. Perfect Strangers – 5,5
  5. Fireball – 5,1

It’s interesting that while “Perfect Strangers” and “Fireball” in places 4 and 5 have no big difference in figures between them, the gap in sales between the first 3, as well as in between of those 3 is chaotic.

Plus, 3 out of the 5 are the classics of Mk.II (“In Rock”, “Fireball”, “Machine Head”) with “Perfect Strangers”, the reunion album of that lineup, one of the 5 as well, leaving any other lineup with just one slot, which is taken by “Burn”, which features mk.III.