While Heaven Wept – Fear Of Infinity

I had no idea about the Americans’ background, I just needed to learn… So I sat down and read and now I’m sharing what I found with you…. The band has released a 7’’ single in 1994, that was their first official release. Seventeen years later (the band is almost twenty years old) we are standing here, talking about their new album; the band will tour in Central Europe, supporting Primordial.
Melancholic and dark Metal, low tuned guitars, lots of keyboards… Songs are slow and doom-y, there are also mid tempo songs, featuring “mild” vocals and rhythm changes. Eleven minute long “Finality”, the track closing the album, is such an example. The other songs of the bouquet are three, four, five minutes long… Back vocals over chorus are beautiful, this is the very sweetness of bitterness, just like when a rose starts to wither…  

I would say it’s a totally lyrical album, with a bittersweet essence, a Goth-and-more theme, which the fans will love. When bitterness is served so elegantly is there any reason we shouldn’t try?