White Widdow – Victory


5 studio albums in an 8-year timeframe…this is definitely remarkable especially in this time and age. Add to this, that all of these albums are extraordinary and have gained rave reviews from the media all around the world. White Widdow is a band that always makes us proud, with each single release of theirs. Rockpages has been following them since Day 1 as we have noticed their potential and the guys not only met our expectations but they surpassed them. From the excellent debut and the masterpiece sophomore effort (“Serenade”) up to the harder “Crossfire” and the stripped down “Silhouette”, White Widdow has managed to impress us all with the sheer quality of their material. And here comes the fifth opus…“Victory”!

This is yet another diamond not only in the band’s catalogue but in melodic rock music in general. This time around the main difference can be traced in the more pompous and polished production (compared to “Silhouette”). From a compositional standpoint, there are no major differences to be found as White Widdow has created its own trademark sound. Xavier Millis’ keyboards are in the forefront and definitely stand out in the mixing process while Enzo Almanzi’s guitar parts are nothing less than mesmerizing. Jules Millis’ performance behind the mic is flawless while Ben Webster’s bass sound lays the concrete foundation on which the White Widdow songs are based. Songs like “America”, “Fight For Love” and the title track take us back to the glorious mid-80s days and they remind us such bands as Giuffria and Aviator.

“Victory” is most likely the best melodic rock album of 2018! It’s a victory for the genre, for White Widdow and for its fans. Congratulations, guys!

Highlight: The new kid on the block and behind the drums is Gavin Hill.