White Wizzard is one of those bands of the so called new wave of traditional heavy metal movement that –along with Cauldron and Enforcer just to name a few- have managed to deliver a bunch of great records in the last couple of years. Being inspired by such legends as Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head, White Wizzard not only offers great songs –for the selected, old-school metal fans- but produce some of the best video-clips ever made by a band.

I was anxiously waiting for the new album and I got what I expected…up to a certain point. What do I mean? I really enjoyed the record but I think that “Flying Tigers” is somewhat inferior to its predecessor (“Over The Top”). The compositions may be well-structured and more diverse but there are not so memorable, anthemic or catchy. Maybe, it is one of those albums that it takes a few listening sessions in order to absorb it in its entirety…

In conclusion, “Flying Tigers” is a good but not an easily-digested record…so, I’d better start listening to it once again!

Highlight: What a superb cover artwork!