In a recent interview on MetalRules.com Ugly Kid Joe’s singer revealed that he came very close to replace Rob Halford in Judas Priest. “It was when Glenn Tipton was doing his Baptism Of Fire record, and I got Shannon Larkin, our then drummer to play on it. He played two songs and replaced some badass drummers on that because it was click tracked. And Glenn pulled Shannon and me aside and said, “You boys can have the Priest gig if you want it.” And Shannon and I were pretty much into Priest. I mean, we loved Priest. And we went, “Ah!” and all I said was this, “Say it again.” And Glenn’s a pretty fucking brilliant– I mean, he goes, “What do you fucking mean, ‘Say it again’?” And I’m all, “Just say it one time?” And he’s like, “You can have the fucking Priest gig mate” And, well, I was thinking, we can’t do it, because you can’t be Rob Halford. You can’t be David Lee Roth. You can’t– it’d be cool, and considering my love for Priest, which is immense, that would have been cool to do it, but not really. It’s not a good move. But to jam with Tipton and to know those guys or– I mean, those are my fucking heroes. Judas Priest, I mean, fuck, they– fuck. But man, old school Priest, Jesus, God. So, yeah, I got offered Priest, back in the day. I never said that to anyone”.