Why Wendy decided to stop the hologram – what’s her next move?


During a recent interview on “Hangin’ & Bangin’: Artists On Lockdown”, Wendy Dio talked about her decision to stop the live shows using Ronnie’s hologram.

“When I first saw it, I cried. Then I got used to it because it wasn’t Ronnie. And then we took it out [on tour]. The first [version] was not that good. The second one was a lot better. But I decided that I don’t wanna do it anymore; I decided I want real Ronnie. So we’re working on a stage with the Dio band, which will be going out in March [of 2022]. Instead of having a hologram, it will have film of Ronnie with the live band playing and with special effects and everything else. So that’s what we’re working on. We’re working on it with Paul Dexter (who was Ronnie’s lighting designer and stage designer for years) and a bunch of other people. And also the Eyellusion people, who did do the hologram, are doing a bunch of special effects for us with it.”

Wendy continued: “I never say never [about bringing back the hologram], but technology gets different every day, every day, every day. And I just decided that I wanted to see real Ronnie. … Queen does. Ours will be a little bit different to that because we have all these great effects, 3D effects. It’s almost like going into — what’s that ride at Disneyland, when you go through, and it’s like a 3D effect? That’s what we’re working on right now.”