One of the most favorite bands of recent years is ‘’Wig Wam’’, who represented Norway at the Eurovision in 2005 with the song ‘’In My Dreams”, where they came 9th.Their three records were noticed, especially from the glam scene fans.

Their songs are made for partying until morning and their appearance is reminiscent of “Asylum” circa KISS, Paul Stanley’s unforgettable stylistic approach! Now, they reappear again after 2 years with the album  “Wall Street”. Unfortunately, things have gone bad and their inspiration seems lost. The new tracks sound meaningless with the sole exception of the self-titled “Wall Street”’ that seems like a very likeable hit.  
The album continues with “Omg (Wish I Had A Gun)” that actually makes you think that things might get a bit better… But then, when you listen to the rest of the album, you realize that they lost the plot. “Victory Is Sweet” could have easily been in a Poodles album,  but certainly not a song that could characterize Wig Wam. Hits like “Gonna Get You Someday”, ’’Hard To Be A Rock’n’Roller”, ’’Crazy Things’’ and ’’Bless The Night’’ are exactly what made them special and famous. Unfortunately, there is nothing like those songs on “Wall Street”.
Let’s hope their next work will take them closer to times like ‘’ 667.. The Neighbour of the Beast”, if they want to stay on top!


Wig Wam