Wild Rose – 4


Wild Rose made a comeback on May of 2016 with their fourth album under the title,”4″. First, I thought that this title was too risky and many fans might feel like comparing it with the well known , “4” album from Foreigner. That means that if the album was not as good as expected the title could backfire. On the contrary, “4” proved to be one of the best albums for 2016. I would definitely include it in my top5 albums of 2016.

I have already listened to the new album at least 20 times and I can say for sure that it has grown huge inside me and I can surely say that the band is heading for great success. Wild Rose have made their presence noticed for more than 10 years and they managed to be compared with bands that are present for more than 30 years in the melodic scene. In the previous two albums we enjoyed listening to the amazing voice of David A. Saylor, who unfortunately passed away on January 1st 2017.

The band’s first singer is back for the fourth album and he brought with him memories from the “Half Past Midnight” album , which was a fresh start for many A.O.R. fans who thought that Greek melodic scene was dead. George Bitzios stands out from all the new melodic hard rock singers in Europe. The excellent melodies of Andy Rock in collaboration with the keyboardist Dirty Haris  deliver us an album full of hits. The band has its own sound and character and it’s impossible to find a dull song in the album. If I should choose some of my favorites then those would be, “Desperate Heart “,”Love Can Change You”, “Summer Girl” and “Hot Wired”.

The band will play live in Athens Greece on April 7th at Sleaze N’ Roll Festival. A day dedicated to David A.Saylor. For more info about Wild Rose you can visit their site…