Wild Souls – Queen Of My Heart


We had drawn your attention to Wild Souls right from their debut album “On The Road” back in 2013. Personally, I am really happy to see this band improving and taking steps forward with every single release. After all, it’s quite rare to be treated with remarkable hard rock albums from Greek outfits that bring out their 80s influence but at the same time leaving their stamp on the songs themselves.

I was eagerly waiting for the third album by Wild Souls especially after the sensational “Game of Love” that was released four years ago. Truth be told here; this 4-year gap not only was worth the wait but most importantly did justice to the band as “Queen of my Heart” is undoubtedly their best effort! Once again, Wild Souls don’t hesitate at all of showing their Whitesnake love (1987-1989 era) while at the same time balancing these hard elements with the pure melodic rock/AOR moments thus offering an explosive sonic result! The guitars and the vocals are flawless (some listeners might notice a little bit of Gary Hughes in there) while highlights include “I Remember You”, “Nothing But Loving You” (with a riff and intro that could easily be found on a Whitesnake record), “Love Ain’t No Lie” (a melodic rock anthem) and the title track.

Wild Souls proves once again that it’s a hard rock force to be reckoned with and definitely the best Greek band in this genre.

Highlight: Cool cover artwork…