Stressed out and desperate Henry Rollins asks himself on LA Weekly if he would be able to listen all his records before he dies. “Ι can’t help it. Whenever I’m in the room where all my records are, I look at the shelves that bear the weight of the ones that have not yet been played, and all I can think of is death. I think of my future not in terms of how dazzlingly bright it could be but if I will be able to get all these records heard before I keel over”, he says. “I have this idea that at a certain time, I will hold in my trembling hands the last of the unheard records. I will give it to my caregiver, who will put it on the turntable, and together we will listen. As the last tune fades out, I will exclaim, “I did it!” My vital signs will start dropping and, a few breaths from my last, I will look down and see the USPS box of LP mailers containing more records, and I will once again be slammed into life’s mainline”.
But, how did he manage to pile up so many records in the first place? He explains: “I spent most of last year on the road and stripped out many record stores and engaged in frequent online vinyl acquisitions. I passed through Los Angeles enough times to unpack them, play a few and then leave again. At the end of last year, I was afforded a few days off and realized I had accumulated over 1,000 records in this way”.

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