W.Wallner & V. Vain – The Battle Of Clyst Heath


Unfortunately, a lot of times we are forced to rant about things.  CD’s cost a lot these days and we don’t have money to waste. That’s the case here. Although it seems to be interesting thematically, musically it has no reason for being.

A Californian blues/rock guitarist (Will Wallner) and a Croatian singer decide to relive the battle of Clyst Heath (a region in England near Exeter) in 1459 under the sounds of a vintage metal but without any inspiration or originality. The timeworn and very common themes, the mediocre vocals and the even more mediocre production are the basic characteristics of ‘The Battle Of Clyst Heath”.

The only memorable moment of this album is the cover of “The Loner” of Gary Moore in the end and a theme cover from “Blade Runner” written by Vaggelis Papathanasiou.

The final result presented by the two musicians can’t be saved neither by the parade of great guests such as Vinnie and Carmine Apprice, Neil Murray, Don Airey and Tony Franklin nor by the beautiful  c.d. cover perfectly bound with the theme of the album. Τhis release is below average.