Williams / Friestedt – Williams / Friestedt

The collaboration between the talented guitarist Peter Friestedt and the ex/current (are you confused?) singer of Toto, Joseph Williams, offers all the west coast fans an album that could have easily been recorded by Toto themselves! The similarity (and the quality) of those compositions with the overall atmosphere of the records that Williams released with Toto back in the 80s is so striking that creates mixed emotions…for starters, it’s great to recognize almost instantly the undeniable high level of the songs but on the other hand it is embarrassing to listen to some copycat tunes…
However, the result is positive and although I am not a big fan of the west coast sound, it is impossible not to point down the high standards of this collaboration.
Highlight: can anyone tell me why Toto is touring with Williams and not with Kimball benind the mic?