Wilson – Right To Rise


Reading Revolver magazine, which is always great, I bumped into Wilson, a band from Detroir which emphasises on partying! Listening to their second album “Right To Rise” I justified the magazine’s praising words.

If we were in the States, or England we’d surely had seen them in one of their tours where they were a supporting act, or even headlining at a small venue, but since we are not listening to the album, which is awesome, must suffice for now. “Right To Rise” is packed with raw energy, liveliness, freshness, catchy melodies and choruses, both heavy and poppier where it should. Imagine something like Godsmack-Nickelback-Drowining Pool-Shinedown adding a bit of Black Label Society-Metallica-Five Finger Death Punch-Fu Manchu- COC to the mix with anthemic songs made to fire up the party and to be played at insane volume in the car with the windows down. If you want to show off in the neighborhood playing Wilson, that’s fine by me!

Chad Nicefield’s raspy voice is characteristic, while the rest υπόλοιποι Jason Spencer – Kyle Landry (guitars), James Lascu (bass), and Matt Puhy (drums) do a great job which is actually supported ideally by Johnny Andrews (Halestorm, All That Remains, Three Days Grace) flawless production. Push play and party on…