Winger release teaser of new song


Winger released a short video from their new song “Proud Desperado”, which is scheduled for release on March 10th, and is part of their upcoming seventh studio album, “Seven”, due this spring via Frontiers.

The band show three videos for new songs in January.

In a recent interview, guitarist John Roth mentioned that “Seven” includes 12 songs, one of them will be a huge surprise, and Frontiers is supposed to release it in May, or June.

Three years ago, talking about the album, Reb Beach said: “It’s Winger — heavy riffs with big vocals. Very catchy songs and very heavy stuff — very progressive. (…) We’re going for something that’s poppy and sing-along stuff yet cool, heavy, progressive riffs — kind of like ‘Karma’. That’s what we’re going for.”