Wings In Motion – Promo 2011

The miraculous world of the Net has led me to the paths of this new fantastic band. It took a few seconds to get in touch with and some time later I got to listen to their promo album, a four-song teaser, which is more than enough to help us understand what these boys are up to and the way they do it.
Greek band Wings In Motion was formed in 2008 and they are into Metal featuring death vocals, which leads to clean vocals, when it comes to choruses and more. Their music also features Progressive elements (due to some outstanding bass and drums tutti’s), whilst the keyboard dreamer takes us to the realm of bands like Lacuna Coil and the bunch. I do apologize to the band; according to their bio they are a Melodic Death Metal band, yet I believe they play so much more than that!

I have written in the past that I’m not really fond of those aggressive vox, consequently you already know that what you’re about to read is based on what I’ve heard than what I like. Andre’s voice is exceptional, his voice color is warm and when he screams he does it in the best charismatic way! By listening to the tracks and then listening some more, I realized that melodies are all over the place. Guitar themes (i.e. “Under a bronze sky”) are simply inspiring, regardless if it’s riffing or twin guitaring or solos; they are all extremely melodic packages. The band sounds massive and tight, the boys are playing like a million anyway and what you read is not just my opinion, it’s the very thing you are going to accumulate by listening to those songs as well. Kudos on the production, it’s crystal.

The group has already released a video for “Through the shadows (I rise)” and one can only be impressed by how seriously they are into it. We’re gonna talk with the boys soon… In the meantime my best wishes are in order and I’ll be thrilled to read about a record deal achievement.