I think that most of you know or at least guess what you are going to read… Don’t you expect an apotheosis to follow ? Exactly! An apotheosis for a band that is getting greater and greater! It’s not only the studio albums that the Dutch release, it’s the various live performances and the cover albums. We haven’t seen any “best of” yet and when we do, it’s probably going to be a triple CD.
Here, we have a DVD with two basic subjects. The first one is the glorious “Elements”, the anniversary concert they gave on 13th November 2012 at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp for their fifteen years of existence. I was very lucky to be there and to present this show on Rockpages.gr .If you want to learn more about the “Elements” you can easily check that report here. My feelings haven’t moderated ever since, on the contrary, by watching all this on the screen now they are just confirmed. The feeling of being there though can’t be replaced by any DVD.
The other show of Within Temptation is the one at the Heineken in Amsterdam on May 3rd 2014, the last concert of the tour for “Hydra”. It’s another great performance of the band with excellent performing and great stage scenery, a lot of impressive shots similar to those at the  Wembley Arena in London a few days earlier (April 12th) also covered  by Rockpages.gr. For that matter, I have expressed my opinion on the Dutch many times through this magazine and I don’t see any point repeating the same things all the time.
This DVD is also accompanied by a very beautiful package of two CDs, one for each  concert. The only difference is that the intros of “Iron” and “Let Us Burn”, which open each of these concerts, are cut with no reason I believe.
This release is another great moment in the frenzied course of Within Temptation to even higher than the top. Sharon Den Adel and her fabulous company seem to have endless inspiration and activity. So, until their next work …. Let us Burn!! (I’ve written this before but I think that’s the most essential when it comes to this  band!)