Within Temptation – Resist


I am sure you know how it feels to be waiting for a new album by one of your favorite bands…this is how I felt while I was expecting “Resist”. Truth be told here, I was kinda reserved when I first saw the lyric video for “The Reckoning” and the whole bad picture was painted when I saw them live in London last November. The show was awesome yet the five new songs left a lot to be desired!

Unfortunately, “Resist” is by far the worst studio offering by Within Temptation. Almost the entire album is predominant by two key points: the first one is the pop production (which it wasn’t that bad, I must add) and the second one being a mediocre live feeling during the takes of the songs that sacrifices the melodies and you are under a constant feeling that the crowd will take over the vocals or something…I don’t want to believe that such a qualitative band like Within Temptation has come up with bad or hastily-written songs but this is exactly what you get with “Resist” although the whole recording process is immaculate! Quite possibly, Sharon’s solo record (My Indigo) had a lot to do with this outcome in regards with the overall direction of the album (“My Indigo” is a good album, by the way) and the truth is that “Resist” is a mediocre (if not bad) album. “Raise Your Banner” and “Supernova” barely stand out but this is Within Temptation that we are talking about and the best is the only option!

I’d like to think that this was just an unsuccessful experiment and the band is already shaken up so as not to repeat it. After all, up to this point, Within Temptation had released only brilliant albums.