Wizard – Fallen Kings


The German true metallers Wizard present their eleventh studio album titled “Fallen Kings”. The amazing cover and press release warn us about what’s going to happen: 80s heavy and classic heavy metal with beautiful vocals and “marching” chorus, but unfortunately nothing more. The production is good and the compositions are easy to grasp – but they do not stay in memory and every song reminds us some other tunes. They remind me of something from Omen, something from ’90s Grave Digger, something not slightly different from Manowar in the choruses. The album starts with the powerful track “Liar And Betrayer”, but the album continues with indifferent tracks. Very remarkable moments are “Brothers In Spirit” and “Frozen Blood” while I liked the bonus track “The King”. There are also songs with exaggerations in vocals and general set-up that contain many kitsch stereotypes like “White Wolf”. “Fallen Kings” is an album that it’s not that bad, but leaves a feeling of indifference because of its weak compositions. Of course, it would not be one of those CDs that I would put on my mp3 player to take with me on vacation.