I really admire those Swedish (who, by the way, I bumped into them quite by chance 4-5 years ago and since then I am hooked!). The band possess talent, an exceptional knack in writing great songs and they have a unique sense of humor (hats off, guys!). In their 10-year or so career they have accomplished to release only remarkable records with “Legions of Bastards” being the latest one.
Old-school heavy metal with a modern production (the element that, in my humble opinion, distinguishes Wolf from other bands of the genre) and well-thought and carefully-crafted lyrics. The guitars spit riffs, the vocals melt your mind and the songs stick in your mind forever! As I was reading the titles of the songs, I thought instantly that this was a horror concept (“Full Moon Possession”, “Jekyll & Hyde”, “Tales From The Crypt”, “Nocturnal Rites” etc.)…maybe, it is! The greatest and most shining moment on the record is the bizarre yet breathtaking “Jekyll & Hyde”. Wolf is Back, Metalheads!
Highlight: I am trying to remember from which Sabbath song is the opening riff of “Road To Hell”…