Wolfchild is a brand new Athenian ensemble that introduces itself with this self financed four track EP. Once the opener Street Resistance storms its way through the speakers I can’t help but flag the band as thrash metal. As the EP progresses, the whole thing becomes more complicated since speed gives way to the slow paced epic tune Thunder Mountain which is the closing cut. The Dawn is another thrashy tune while Warriors is pure heavy metal. The common thing between these four songs is the vocals which remain in an aggressive and shouting mode throughout the entire EP. Quite distinctive I might add, sharing common ground with Zetro Sousa’s Tempo of the Damned moments. The music balances between America and Europe. Armies of the Night is a decent debut attempt since it’s not tiring and the songs reveal some character. The only thing that might baffle the listener during the first spins is the vocal style since it might take some time to get used to this unusual approach.