Wolfpakk – Wolfpakk

When you see a bunch of guests on an album you must be prepared for two cases. For a superb result taking advantage every different and special characteristic from the outside contributors, like Avantasia, or… the exact opposite! Lately, especially, we got used of mediocre, or bad releases featuring special guests.
Thankfully, Wolfpakk belong to the first category, while I am sure they must have broken a record, since there is 31 people playing here, apart from the band’s leaders, and main vocalists Michael Voss (ex-Casanova, Mad Max) and Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball). Some of the guests, to get an idea are: Tony Martin, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Paul Shortino, Jeff Scot Soto on vocals, Mat Sinner and Neil Murray on bass, and so on…
Wolfpakk’s relative ingenuity is that the songs are handled mainly by Sweeney and Voss. Most of the times guest vocalists contribute on the chorus, or if there is a specific role, like on “Lost”, where Michaela Sober does the female lead vocals, or “Bite The Bullet” where Tony Martin handles lead. Also, despite the power metal direction of the album there are some elements that make a significant difference, like the modern sound of the keyboards.
Wolfpakk’s strong “cards” are songs like “Sirens” that opens the album, the dramatic “Let Me Die”, “The Crow”, and the almost symphonic “Wolfony” that despite its… uninspiring title sums up what Wolfony are all about in my opinion, much more than the song that was chosen for a music video, which you can watch below…