The whole world found out about Wolfsbane when their singer Blaze Bayley joined Iron Maiden. Unfortunately, that particular world didn’t get into the band. Blaze’s story and what happened next gave him the spotlight for a few years and the Wolfband got locked in the freezer. When Blaze got off the Galactica of Metal, he did some things on his own, forming his own band and all; maybe he even thought about un-freezing his old good band, together they had released some fine albums in the past. Old mates got together in 2007 and 2009, did some live shows and 2010 was the year of the ultimate decision. ΕΡ “Did it for the money” (cudos for the title!) got out in 2011 and this year we celebrate the band’s first studio album in eighteen years!

This is actual music for people who won’t die! These are songs for peeps that won’t get old, songs for eternal youngsters, relevant attitude, killer parties and all-night-long beerthinking! Old school Rock, well-done, filled with “All the young dudes” life-style. “Smoke and red light” is probably the most characteristic track. “We were young, we were Kings” and it’s rides with good friends and stories from the glorious past… This album reminded me of my youth, it’s free and restless and… I gotta tell you, it’s totally captured all the good stuff of the good ol’ days.

Plus: Blaze is playing in his court now. I never liked him when in Maiden, naturally I won’t blame him for joining, it’s not his fault by all means, it has to do with the Captain and we’ll talk about that another day… In this album Blaze is the King! Armed with a lot of nerve and attitude and hype, with relevant lyrics, he’s singing from the bottom of his soul; he sounds totally happy.

I really-really had a wonderful time listening to this album, bless them guys! Oh, due to the fact that Blaze won’t give a rat’s ssa regarding labels and I salute him for that, you can buy the album from as well as the band’s stand over their concerts. Have a good one!