Wolverine – Communication Lost

When the Swedish create progressive music, then it’s totally worth it to swim over their melodic seas and oceans. Since we entered the water element, we must not forget that Sweden has managed to make out of a totally freaky accident (The Vasa) a multi-million receiving monument.
Wolverine attack six years after “Still” and their music is actually music to our ears. Themes of magnificent quality, sometimes full-band, other times sticking to the basics (voice, piano, cello); an obvious melancholy and an optimism rising through the grey skies. The voice is warm, coping with the standards of such bands, pointing to the other Swedish bands that belong to this idiom. The boys can easily play a heavenly ballad (What remains) and then hit the accelerator and do a magical 5/4 tempo verse masterpiece such as “In memory of me”…
Recorded in various spots and parts in Sweden, mixed by Jacob Hansen and mastered by Eroc, “Communication lost” is an electric odyssey, just like Kate Bush would have dreamt about it, it’s the boat with the yellow flag of love, it’s the very Universe with notes… Tremendous sentimental overdose! The band is making songs which talk to our very souls… We are thankful the boys hadn’t called it a day a few years ago, as we read over their official website.
Cover art belongs to Marcus Losbjer, drummer of the band. Bass player Thomas Jansson has also contributed with some great photos!