Wonder Maidens all female tribute release new video


The female tribute band Wonder Maidens released, through their YouTube channel, a videoclip of their rendition for the Iron Maiden classic “Can I play with madness”.    Recorded and edited by the band themselves, with mix and master by Pedro Pimentel, this version of “Can I play with madness” is also the last Wonder Maidens production with former members Aya Maki (replaced by guitarist Amanda Monique) and Larissa Futenma (replacement soon to be made public).

– Wonder Maidens “Can I play with madness” video


Conceived by bassist Dé Bermudez, Wonder Maidens is a female tribute group to one of the greatest heavy metal bands in history: Iron Maiden.

Created in 2019, Wonder Maidens is formed by experienced musicians, performing shows that certainly do justice to the Iron Maiden name: competence, professionalism, excitement and active engagement with and from the audience.

Wonder Maidens is currently on tour with the show “The first 12 years”, paying homage to a repertoire of classics from the heavy metal history such as “The number of the beast”, “Fear of the dark”, “Aces high”, among so many other iconic songs from the first nine Iron Maiden albums.