Second and definitely most anticipated album by Work of Art since 2008 and an excellent debut record that left the best of impressions. The raving reviews that I read in the global music press regarding “In Progress” stirred my imagination even more and I was curious enough to see what the band had in store for us. Was the majority of the journalists and the fans accurate in their estimations? Well, the answer is “yes”. “In Progress” is a fine sample of West Coast AOR sound with the unavoidable Tote elements scattered here and there. The compositions are well-crafted, the band’s performance is flawless and all in all it’s almost certain that every fan of the genre will cherish the album.

For my personal taste, though, I’d have loved to see the band exploring more their somewhat harder side and coming up with some melodic guitar-driven work (in the vein of their East Coast comrades). That being said, I truly believe that “In Progress” is by no means a…work in progress but a work perfectly done.

Highlight: If you put into one sentence the titles of both Work of Art records, we get the interesting quote: “Artwork In Progress”.