There are several bands called Wraith, some of which are from America. These are based in the state of Indiana and since they started in 2017 they are quite active in their discography. One split, two EPs and three full-length albums so far, including “Undo The Chains”.

The style and music of the band is quite clear about what it wants to achieve. We are talking about old-school speed/thrash metal, in which they find the way and some punk influences while the vocals are exclusively in black metal screams. It is also interesting how the drums are set up, since they do not always follow the classic pattern of this style.

The songs are short in duration, as the total twelve of the album last a little over half an hour. Wraith, without flattening, have written music that aims at immediacy, sometimes at medium and sometimes at fast speeds. The strongest weapon of the album is the guitar riffs, which to tell the truth, if not so good work had been done in this field, probably the whole result would not have aroused the slightest interest in me.

In conclusion, “Undo The Chains” is an album that reminded me sometimes of Toxic Holocaust as well as the early days of Sodom and Destruction. It’s not great, but it’s definitely a lot better than the countless thrash bands that have surfaced in recent years. But I think that fans of the old-school thrash sound should listen to this one, at least one time.