X-Drive – Get Your Rock On


X-Drive is a brand new band from USA and they just released their debut album “Get Your Rock On’’from the well-known label Frontiers. The production of the album was created by Jeremy Brunner,the founder and guitarist of X-Drive, in collaboration with Andy Johns(Van Halen, Chickenfoot, Led Zeppelin) .An unknown musician at the hard rock world, who brought many talents together and this album is the result.

Behind the mic of X-Drive is Keith St. John , also known from Burning Rain(Doug Aldrich) and for those who are most informed, his contributions in bands such as Quiet Riot, Sweet and Lynch Mob. James LoMenzo from White Lion, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society is now the bass player for X-DRIVE. And at last Fred Fischer at drums from the American hard rockers Midline, gives his own personal vibe to the sound of the band.
Unfortunately the only great part of this album is the members of the band and not the songs as a whole. When ‘’Love’s A Bitch’’ ,the first song of the album, starts to play the feeling that you get is how professional it sounds but also how  good hard rock intro the song has. But the continuity οf their songs is not crucial and as the tracks go by the music becomes more and more boring and the lyrics are already been written in a million other songs before. Songs such as ‘’California’’, which is the video clip of the album reminds me a million other songs and lyrics from old big bands
For a debut album should contain at least 3-4 tracks,which are worth mentioning and the rest would be okay as fillers. But, in this case I cannot find even one that I would call it a hit and that is mainly sad, because the band members are very experienced. Let’s hope that the next one will be more crafted
And let me tell you something which is perhaps irrelevant. The cover of the album, although smart (regarding marketing), perhaps is a reference to something much more sleaze and hard from what you will hear to.