Four musicians, three of which have been in UFO in the past, keyboardist-singer Danny Peyronel (1975-1976), drummer Clive Edwards (1992-1993), guitarist Laurence Archer (1992-1995), and ex-MSG bassist Rocky Newton are X-UFO that play UFO songs, what else?

Of course, while UFO are still around, the existence of this project might sound and look weird, but if we forget about that for a while and listen to this live recording we will find out that this guys can surely deliver a powerful well played set. As a matter of fact, it’s no coincidence that original UFO bassist, Pete Way, who can’t play with the band he co-founded in the ‘70s due to health issues, joins them on stage sometimes. So, if you like, they’ve got the thumbs up from “a person of authority” for what they are doing.

The recording took place during the band’s European tour in the autumn of 2011. The CD kicks off quite impressively with the keyboards theme from the Spielberg movie “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” when the scientists try to communicate with the Aliens. After that there is some classic UFO songs like “Let It Roll”, “Doctor, Doctor”, “Rock Bottom”, and MSG’s “Armed And Ready”, a couple from “High Stakes And Dangerous Men”, as well as “Can You Roll Her”, that was written by Peyronel together with Mogg and Parker for the “No Heavy Petting” album.
Laurence Archer on guitar sounds great, and his style which is totally different than Vinnie Moore, might bring in mind Schenker, because it’s more old school. Peyronel’s vocals made me think I was listening to Phil Mogg in the beginning, and I must say that he is doing a great job as well. So I suppose I give them a “thumbs up” as well!