Xandria – Neverworld’s End

The only certain thing is that Napalm Records knew exactly what they were doing when they signed Xandria; after all, the band delivered a great album and the overall promotion in Europe is pretty strong. It took almost five years for the successor of “Salome” to see the light of day as the band was in search of a new singer. And they actually find one…her name: Manuela Kraller. We first hear her voice with Haggard but she is now mesmerizing and I am sure that she will do even better on the stage. Kraller’s voice is by far the best mezzo soprano voice that I’ve heard in a long, long time.

“Neverworld’s End” revolves around the atmosphere of Nightwish and Epica and I dare to say that I preferred it in comparison with the last couple of efforts by Nightwish. The album is pompous and energetic and Manuela’s voice is quite fitting and has everything that it takes to uplift the record.

Quite possibly, Xandria’s fifth studio offering might prove the ideal step for the major league of a genre that is monopolized (and rightfully so…) by 4-5 bands for more than a decade now…and that’s something really difficult, I must add!

All the fans of the symphonic metal will definitely enjoy this album my Xandria.