How are you guys doin? How about some cool hair Metal dudes and a couple of tons of cool hair Metal music? I’ve got the whole package and a rather interesting lil’ story here. These boys had agreed to work with Sony, almost twenty three years ago (!!!), they recorded sixteen songs, they worked their butts off and, somehow, that issue stuck… Debut album was never released… Well, it’s out now, thanx to the label you read at the top of the text.

NO WAY you won’t like the Sleaze-ish style of the boys! Huge guitars, amazing boogie rhythm, a mixture of the bands shaking it throughout the 80’s, a superb mentioning of that dirty Rock thing, reminding us of fabulous girls in fabulous outfits and… Big Hair! Respective lyrics are in order and the stories we were reading about, two decades ago, are back!
Opener “Pump It Up” features a chorus almost identical to the one in “Cherry Pie” (Warrant). Both songs were recorded in 1989. Now, ain’t that weird… Nuh, I’m not playing Ford Fairlane here, it’s just that it was so much fun listening to the track and thinking “Dude, this is like… this is like…” and then enter chorus and I’m like “YEP”! Or something close to that…
Songs full of fun, songs filled with good energy and… more! “Sock It To Me” also includes honky tonk elements, “Shot Of You” is a regular party! I guess you’ve got sixteen good reasons to invite peeps to your place and pretend it’s “Eighties night out”! You’re gonna have the best music for that, trust me!