Zakk Wylde – Book Of Shadows II


On the twentieth anniversary of the ‘Book of Shadows’ release, Zakk Wylde puts out a sequel, returning to solely acoustic compositions after a good amount of time. Usually satirical and hilarious, the bearded guitarist shows a more sentimental, calm and soul-searching side, in the lyrics as well as the overall atmosphere of the tracks.

As a fan of the first record, I was looking forward to this release, seeing it as a chance for Wylde to find inspiration once again, since I thought the last – decent but indifferent – Black Label Society records could use some. In the end, he does manage to recreate the ‘Book of Shadows’ vibe, and a pleasant body of music, especially for a late night, but still there are no truly noteworthy songs to mention, that would surprise or impress. I’m afraid that the taste it leaves isn’t really that different from ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’ for example. I can’t imagine myself revisiting the record that many times…