Zandelle hail from Brooklyn, US and they are actually one of those bands adopting American Power Metal; they are one of those bands wanting to play heroic melodies, indulging into a baroque-ish motif. However, this is not a brand new album, it’s a collection of older songs, re-recorded, featuring their previous projects. First CD includes the new recordings plus three bonus tracks.  

George Tsalikis, lead singer and founder of the band, almost fifteen years ago, has seen many musicians come and go, yet the songs remained. Totally melodic Metal, war themes and master playing. “Bringer of Doom” possesses the riffing and drumming of the second half of the 80’s, when American Power Metal bands were simply smashing, driving us to the wall with their songs.
Tsalikis is no Tyrant by far, he knows that (nobody can be Tyrant), yet he’s singing his own way, completely binding with the songs and the style, brilliantly using the reverb effects. Guitars and drums are Power to the core! Double bass drumming, amazing paradiddles and axes on Prozac! Add some choir vox (Soul of darkness) and there! Grandeur! Album is ending with a cute cover on Whitesnake’s “Bad boys”, a song also included in the tribute album “Shredding skin”. As for the second CD of the package, it contains the ten first songs in their original form…