Airrace is one of those cult 80s AOR bands that sustains a loyal fan base despite the fact that they had disappeared for almost a quarter of a century after the release of the superb debut “Shaft of Light”. An appearance at the Firefest a couple of years ago, persuaded them to see this whole reunion thing more seriously and hit the studio for a comeback record that bears the meaningful title “Back To The Start”.
If I had to use only a sole sentence in order to set the tone for the album, I’d say that “Back To The Start” is a brilliant sample of East Coast AOR with clear references to the early 80s sound that will surely remind you of such bands as Boston and New England. For instance, you will bet your bottom dollar that Tom Scholz guests on “Two of a Kind” while “Call Me Anytime” brings back memories of Balance (yet, another cult name…). Not bad at all!
25 years ago Derek Oliver had written in Kerrang that anyone who doesn’t like Airrace should be shot down…well, I’d alternatively say that he should be shot in the leg, so as to be reminded for the rest of his life the fatal mistake that he made!
Highlight: Jason Bonham made its debut behind the drums on “Shaft of Light”.