Albums kicks off and for about 35 seconds I’m feeling the “Okay, this is how Edu Falaschi and the magnificent Almah would start” way… Yeah, right… Panteriffing in the air and my ears are now public property. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and the voice enters… HEAVY music attitude; a rough larynx dominating the bloody Universe and a killing bass on the loose. Maaaaan! Edu is a superb singer, he sounds black and sick, yet he fires up and lifts off during the chorus. The voice is leaving ground, “I’m screamiiiiiin” and I’m certain that numerous new bands would kill for a song the caliber of “Hypnotized”. “Living and drifting” and the hype is back, along with the well-known melodies. Chorus is rather Dickinson-ian and the Brazilian vocalist gets the spotlight… Almah’s third album is a reality, the quintet is splashing some amazing music and it’s only the beginning!

Soulbender meet with Nickelback over the “Days of the new” verse and then it’s a thunderous chorus, demonstrating Edu’s supernatural voice. Lead and backing vox share the prize and the supeRiff keeps going! “Bullets of the altar” starts with a crystal touch, the bridge is magical and Crube is falling in love with the chorus and he won’t let go! “Zombies dictator” and it’s Brainstorm moshing with Annihilator! Screaming and singing and then the voice goes epic. Power Growl? Kewl, we’re into it! Hey, wait a sec, am I doing a “track by track” review? Kewl, we’re into it! Alarm goes on over “Trace of trait”, the first video for the album. Bass, atmospheric keys and double bas drumming and the killer’s voice. It’s gotten so low it’s socking. Double vox chorus and air guitaring it is! “Soul alight” sounded a bit indif in the beginning, then the epic-posing theme burst out and I’m there! The band has shot another video, for “Late night in ‘85”. The voice and the feeling at your very disposal! Alongside Dickinson we spot David Coverdale, who’s chewing on a piece of his super white shirt… Get used to it, Dave! “Daydream lucidity” is pure speed(mel)ody and progressively set and “When and why”… Dude, we’re off to buy the album NOW!