The British Architects is a metalcore band with a 5 album history. In 2006 they made their debut with an album called “Nightmares” in which with their powerful sound and with their capabilities won a lot of fans and some critics.

In 2011 they published, for the second time with Century Media records, the album “The Here And Now” which technically is different from “Nightmares” but is really the same. Generally I don’t believe that they have something different to show from the other metalcore bands since the genre sprung in the early 2000s. Melodic sound in the guitars accompanied with either clean vocals or with the usual “screams” that personally remind me of “screams” of 15 year old boys.

Some parts in some songs though are really interesting. Specifically in “Red Eyes” after 2.30 sec. the track gets really interesting but the ultimate whole of the album is irritating and boring.

The one good thing in this album is the production. Steve Evetts, who has worked with bands like Symphony X and Dillinger Escape Plan, did a great job producing the album.

Concluding if you are not 15 years old and an emo kid, I don’t see a reason for you to hear the Architects.