Sweden’s doom darlings Avatarium have entered the Gröndahl studio and currently work on a follow-up to their highly acclaimed second album »The Girl With The Raven Mask«. This third brainchild will include eight new tracks and is scheduled to see the light of day in spring 2017. After topping multiple soundchecks in the leading European music magazines, Avatarium won the ‘Up And Coming’-award on the German Metal Hammer Awards and with their catchy riffs, mystic atmosphere and unique voice of frontwoman Jennie-Ann Smith, they will once again bewitch doomsters all over the globe.

“Avatarium is about pushing boundaries and exploring new grounds”, states guitar master Marcus Jidell. “Inside the four walls of our pantheon the ceiling needs to be high to let the creativity and imagination fly free. Our focus is not on technical aspects but on landscapes and colors. Diverse emotions such as anger, despair, grief, empathy and hope all find their place in our music. We are aiming to find the human touch, keep it simple and allow mistakes but also make it glorious, shining and  bigger then our own selves. 2017 needs to be the year when we bring in a new way of thinking and create music without computers holding us back with mathematic formulas and degrading bands to mass products created on conveyor belts. Avatarium is taking the lead and inviting you to follow!”