Badd Kharma – On Fire


United We Stand! It took a long time and a great effort in order for Badd Kharma to complete their debut album but as they say “better late than ever” and the final result was definitely worth the wait! But first things first…the proper introduction of the band members: Gregory Giarelis (guitar), George Papazoglou (drums), Nikos Syrakos (vocals), Manolis Tsigos (guitar), Dimitris Marinis (keyboards) and Tasos Ioannides (bass). These are some of the finest and most experienced musicians in the Greek rock scene.

Badd Kharma’s debut moves into hard n’ heavy paths which are carved in the 80s style. Just imagine something in between Dio, Whitesnake (circa 1987), a little bit of Sabbath (with Martin behind the mic) and a heavy dose of Riot so as to get a first taste of the band. That’s not to say that this is the sole crucible of influence for Badd Kharma as the melody and the high compositional level really shines on throughout the record. From the opening notes of “Never Surrender” (with a riff reminiscent of “We Rock”), the mid-tempo gem of “Devil In You”, “Still Our man” and “Rise Or Fall” with all the Riot references (in the music and lyrics) up to the perfect structure of “Still Unbroken”, Badd Kharma’s debut leaves absolutely no doubt whatsoever: this is one of the best releases of the year.

My personal favorite cut on the record is the closing ballad “L.E.A.” which brings in mind the glory days of Spitfire and in which Syrakos provides a stellar vocal performance.

Congratulations, guys, and we are already waiting for the announcement of the first show.

Highlight: Dimitris Marinis has come with some wonderful keyboard parts that enrich the overall compositional structure.