You must totally respect an album that starts off with a Blues Brothers intro! Just before “Power Of The Engine” the band pays a tribute to the legendary duo of Belushi-Aykroyd with their lines just after they escaped their own gig…
As far as the album is concerned, if you’ve seen Beyond Perception live, then you must know what to expect from their second studio album, but on the other hand don’t be so sure tha you will listen to what you were expecting! Yes, of course you should prepare yourself for some serious down tuning, grooves that raise the dead, filth and volume. Their sound borrows several elements from Down, Pantera, and the rest of the gang, but their vocals are special. At some points they are grainy, at some others cleaner, and a few times go into death metal territory.

But, where the band really sounds exciting is when they blend even more stuff into their sound, whether it’s southern references, thrash-y riffs, and blues-y guitar solos. That way they get rid of the “stoner” label, probably following individual influences of every band member.

Finally, we must note the band’s fondness of Bud Spencer, and the booklet’s comic-like appearance which is filled with Wild West heroes that love going to saloons, and shooting their pistols! Great stuff!